To Investors

Cancer immunotherapy is a truly remarkable development in the recent field of tumor immunology and is once again gathering attention due to the development of immune checkpoint inhibitors, which have an apparent therapeutic effect. In the future it is expected to see many companies, including those developing immunotherapy of other new cancers, will participate in this market, bringing about a structural reform in the field of cancer treatment which has only been focused on surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy up until now.

Regarding cell therapy in Japan, the Safety of Regenerative Medicine Act and the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act were put into effect in 2014. And the field of regenerative medicine, including cellular immunotherapy, is now backed at a national level. In the field of new drug development, unfortunately however, we are greatly behind European and US Academia circles and companies.

We promise to lead research teams that have made achievements, such as those involved in the development of checkpoint inhibitors in US Academia, and develop many promising therapies that are yet developed or under development in conjunction with industry, government, and academia. We will also provide many cancer patients with new drugs developed in Japan, and contribute to the future.